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East Memphis Chiropractors
Voted Best in the Area

  • Pam C. thumbnail

    Dr. Josh was very professional and caring. I was afraid and he made me very comfortable, so I’m not afraid anymore! Thanks so much, Dr. Josh!

    -Pam C.
  • Monty J. thumbnail

    My first trip to a chiropractor, so I was a bit skeptical. But, after my first visit, I have faith that I will recover from my injury.

    -Monty J.
  • Jay D. thumbnail

    Dr Cole was very helpful by informing me and discussing my issues. I felt totally comfortable.

    -Jay D.
  • Glenda K. thumbnail

    First time ever seeing a chiropractor! Should’ve done this years ago!  Thanks Dr. Josh!

    -Glenda K.
  • Dana S.  thumbnail

    Thank you for helping me!

    -Dana S.
  • Pam C. thumbnail

    I don’t think that I have ever been explained what is going on with me better than Dr. Josh did.

    -Pam C.
  • Tammy M. thumbnail

    The way the information is relayed is accessible to anyone with any level of education. Very good communicators with a great bedside manner. I have every confidence that my pain will continue to lessen and go away through their prescribed path to healing. Thanks Back & Neck Specialists!

    -Tammy M.
  • Tom O.  thumbnail

    Dr. Cole was extremely informative and my experience there was great. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back.

    -Tom O.
  • Matthew C. thumbnail

    I don’t go to doctors very often, and I’m uncomfortable sometimes. But, not today. I am very confident in your abilities, to help my problem. Thanks in advance for everything.

    -Matthew C.
  • Lana M. thumbnail

    Dr. Josh took the time to explain my spine issues and treatment plan in great detail.

    -Lana M.
  • Kevin P. thumbnail

    Mrs Rose was great. Dr. Josh was very professional. 

    -Kevin P.
  • Ramesh P. thumbnail

    Great atmosphere! I like it.

    -Ramesh P.
  • Angela R. thumbnail

    I moved back to Memphis from Atlanta three years ago. I have been in search of good chiropractic care here in Memphis since my return. I have finally found it! Dr. Cole listened to my description of pain, assessed me and adjusted me. My lower back has not felt this good in three years!

    -Angela R.
  • Bart W. thumbnail

    Very friendly staff, and very informative about my condition and treatment options

    -Bart W.
  • Porshia C. thumbnail

    I really enjoy the awesome staff and doctor. They address each client by name. They are very well organized and provide great customer care. Keep up the great work!

    -Porshia C.
  • Lindsey J. thumbnail

    Everyone was so nice and welcoming! I feel like I made the right choice in choosing your office!

    -Lindsey J.
  • Eddie A. thumbnail

    I am really thankful how much time Dr. Cole explained my pain problems and how he will work to help me.

    -Eddie A.
  • Alma C. thumbnail

    It’s the most friendly office that I’ve ever been in. I think you all are Awesome…

    -Alma C.
  • Cynthia G. thumbnail

    Very caring and friendly 

    -Cynthia G.
  • Caryon B. thumbnail

    My first impression was VERY good.

    -Caryon B.
  • Patty C. thumbnail

    Drs. Larry and Josh Cole are GREAT!! I have always had wonderful healing results with whatever was causing pain! Many years of chiropractic care has allowed me to enjoy life!! I HIGHLY recommend this group!

    -Patty C.
  • Willie T. thumbnail

    Dr. Josh is very kind and extremely knowledgeable on what your problem is and how to correctly make the pain go away. He will being seeing my wife & I well into our golden years, I pray.

    -Willie T.
  • Roman S. thumbnail

    Absolutely amazing experience with Doctor Josh.

    -Roman S.
  • Erin H. thumbnail

    I felt so welcomed by everyone on staff. As hokey as it may sound, it was like meeting members of a family I didn’t know I had.

    -Erin H.

Back and Neck Specialists Serving You For Over 40 Years!

Thrive with Chiropractic Care

With over 40 years of experience, East Memphis chiropractors, Dr. Larry Cole and Dr. Josh Cole have been restoring motion and function to the people of our community. Chiropractic care at Back and Neck Specialists addresses your spine, increasing your nervous system’s abilities and allowing you to fight sickness and stress while healing quickly. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. Covering up pain with medication doesn’t address the true cause possibly making your condition worse.

Chiropractic works to diminish your symptoms and help you live a happier life, be more rested and feel less stressed.

welcome-to-back-and-neck-specialistsThe Path to Better Living

Your visits start with a comprehensive examination process that looks at the overall picture of your health. Several different tests are performed to make sure your body is in balance. You will be ready to deal with everyday stresses life bombards us with. X-rays are used to confirm the examination findings, since “to see is to know.” Examinations are done every eight visits to make sure you are progressing well. If not, we will make changes to your care plan.

Customizing to Your Needs

At Back and Neck Specialists, each treatment you receive is personalized. Not one patient gets the same treatment as another! In our years of practice, we have found that every problem can be treated in multiple ways, and each person will respond differently. Our bodies are unique, and our treatment is specialized and intricate to address your needs.

Our long experience gives us a deep understanding of a range of health conditions. Contact our office today to find out how we can help you!

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