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Decrease Injury with a Pre-workout Warm-up

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You don’t want to exercise muscles that are cold.

Whether you’re ready to hit the pavement, gym or treadmill, be sure to take the time to warm up before you crank up the cardio. Why warm up before working out? You don’t want to exercise muscles that are cold as that can lead to an increased risk of injury. For example, any time you work out a muscle that is cold you can end up with a muscle strain or ligament sprain.

Static and Dynamic Stretches

Stretching before a workout is important, and there are two different types of stretches: static and dynamic stretches. I’m not a fan of static stretching because when you have a cold muscle and just hold a stretch for an extended period the muscles are going to have an increased possibility of injury.

I like dynamic stretching that uses movement to stretch the muscles. If someone’s warming up for a run or even exercising at the gym, I recommend they do knee highs (knees to chest) for about 10 yards. It doesn’t have to be vigorous to raise the heart rate; you’re just looking to warm the muscles up.

Then you can do kicks for 10 yards where you’re kicking straight out in front of you. Another stretch is stepping forward with your left leg and touching it with your right hand as your right leg is extending behind you and alternating that movement for 10 yards.

The Importance of Chiropractic Care

It is essential for people to get chiropractic care when they are working out because it can ensure the muscles are innervated equally and efficiently. We have two of just about every muscle throughout our body. Therefore it is essential that muscles on either the left or right side are getting equal innervations. Injury can occur if this natural balance is missing.

One of the analogies we use is that if a professional football player is working out all the time and working the same muscles all the time then why does one hamstring give out but not the other? We think it’s due to improper nerve conductivity to those muscles when they are in the working-out phase before play.

Another thing that will hit home for a lot of people is when you’re doing a bench press and doing a set of 10. If it’s a heavy weight at the end of 10, one arm is not going to be able to push up as well as the other arm. We know this is due to poor nerve conductivity to those muscles on that side. You’ve basically trained that muscle to be weaker than the other muscle.

Cool It Down

After your workout, don’t forget the importance of the cool down phase. A cool down is important because you want to lengthen those muscles and make sure they don’t get too bulky. Keeping your body fine-tuned so it can serve you well includes both a warm-up and a cool down as part of your fitness regimen.

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