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Does Good Posture Matter?

Few people know of the role good posture plays in their overall health. Doctors sometimes associated issues of back pain, headaches, neck pain, bad moods, and even stress with poor posture. Many people do not know when they are in a poor posture thus this problem can be considered a global epidemic.

The issue of posture has not gone unnoticed. Large companies are creating different items such as beds, chairs, and desk that aim at improving posture. However, few individuals know of and make use of these items. It is a sign that shows how less informed many people are about how to sit or stand in the right posture and the added benefits of good posture.

How To Be In The Right Posture

In many people, poor posture when standing is not as prevalent as that of when sitting. In fact, sitting in the wrong position poses the biggest risks compared to standing in the wrong stance. Many people tend to slouch, hunch, and slump in their chair because they leave themselves in the will of their chairs. It is important for people to take a show break after every few hours to stand and move around to allow the spine to be mobile. Sitting for long hours, even when in the right posture can pose some problems.

• When standing a person should have the ear, shoulders, and hips, perfectly aligned with the knees and ankles. The hands should be on the sides, and the thumbs are facing forward to achieve rounded postures. The chin should be parallel to the floor, and the back of the head should be aligned with the upper back and the butt and the body weight evenly distributed on both feet.

• When seated a person should have the ears above and parallel to the edges of the shoulders with the shoulders help upright and backward to have a straight spine down to the hips. The hips should bend at a 90-degree angle with the thighs straight and knees bent at 90 degrees with the feet rested flat on the floor.

The Benefits Of Good Posture

• Eliminates neck and back pain: the bones and spine balance and thus can support the weight of the body. It also allows muscles and ligaments to work properly without scrambling under the body’s weight.

• Improves natural alignment: with the bones, spine, muscles, and other body tissues aligned all other organs such as the stomach, lungs, liver, and brain function properly.

• Enhances confidence: a person standing or seated in an upright posture is perceived to have a high status or full of confidence.

• Improves breathing: an upright position especially when sitting allows more room for the lungs to expand when breathing.

Good posture should be a norm when seated or standing. It should aim at having a neutral spine that focus the curve of the base of the neck, the middle back, and the lower back. The right posture will have a small hollow form at the base of the neck and lower back with a roundness forming at the middle back.

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