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History of Chiropractic Care

The human body is an amazing instrument. We are capable of doing many things that other animals aren’t able to. We are able to manipulate objects with our hands with a fine degree of dexterity. We can sprint, run and swim. We can train ourselves to become highly flexible through yoga and stretching. To top it off, we have a large brain that allows us to think. But we are not without limitations, and the body is surprisingly vulnerable to damage.

Perhaps one of the worst forms of damage we can suffer is in the form of a spinal injury. Not only does the spine allow us to walk upright, it also doubles up as a distributed command center for the body. The spine is home to our peripheral nervous system which gives signals to the rest of the body from the brain. In the worst case scenario, spine damage can cause paralysis from the neck down.

For this reason, people throughout history have been developing techniques to heal or relieve symptoms associated with spinal and neck injury. This came to be known as chiropractic care, and somebody who practices it known as a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is classified as a form of alternative medicine and adheres to the belief that spinal injuries affect all manners of health related problems. The main chiropractic treatment involves physical therapy of the spine, joints and soft tissues to relieve various ailments.

The ideas of chiropractic care go far back in time, all the way to the ancient era. In fact, many ancient cultures from around the world practiced a less sophisticated and scientifically rigorous form of chiropractic care. Some of these examples can be found in cultures in the Far East such as China, Japan, and India where they practiced ” bone-setting”. This was the practice of manipulating the skeleton, including the spine, to reduce fractures and dislocation.

The roots of modern, western chiropractic care are relatively new, however. The birth of the profession in the west is commonly attributed to a man named Daniel David Palmer. He had a curiosity about the human body and alternative ways of healing it and funneled that passion into his work. The story goes that Palmer met a janitor whose hearing was impaired after a back injury 17 years earlier. Palmer identified the problem in the form of a lump on the janitor’s back. He suspected that his spine may have been out of alignment so he performed some early chiropractic techniques. The report claims that the therapy was successful and that he fixed his spine and restored hearing to the man.

After his initial success, Palmer began to develop his therapeutic techniques and establish himself as a chiropractor. He began to use his hand techniques to treat a variety of problems such as migraines, heart troubles and stomach complaints. Naturally, the established medical community had a problem with this. Palmer was going against the grain and disrupting everything they thought to be true about medicine. He was dismissed as a fraud and even imprisoned at one point for not having a license. In fact, if you were a chiropractor up until the 1950’s you were still at risk of facing prison.

Thankfully over time, these attitudes began to change. Nowadays, chiropractic care is becoming more mainstream and it is widely accepted as a form of therapy. It is widely practiced all throughout the world and the benefits are becoming more documented and backed up by research. We are currently accepting new patients at the Back and Neck Specialists. Visit our site,

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