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Natural Alternatives to Health

“Health is wealth” is a phrase that is rarely acknowledged by many people not unless you are caught up with health issues that require artificial alternatives to restore the normal functionality of certain body organs. Different technologies have been studied and are applied in the medical field by professionals and medical practitioners to make this a success.

Some of the artificial health alternatives include medicines and plastic surgeries among many others. These methods are however not only expensive but may also have adverse effects on  one’s body such as changes in body mass, discoloration, or allergies. However you can now minimize the use of these artificial treatments and turn to natural health alternatives instead!

These alternatives include:


Spine injuries are one of the most critical injuries that anyone would be unlucky enough to suffer. Spinal injuries can lead to immobility and paralysis. Also, back pain commonly makes simple day to day activities too painful to carry out. A chiropractor aims to teach patients about treating spine and neuromuscular disorders. Chiropractic also goes a long way in aiding patients in preventive measures against spine injuries such as ergonomics, simple day to day exercises and therapies that will generally improve the health of participants. At the Back and Neck Specialists it is our goal to provide healing chiropractic care to the East Memphis community.

Weight loss

Working towards an appropriate body mass index should be each and everyone’s goal. Having manageable weight keeps lifestyle diseases such as arthritis, high blood pressure, heart diseases among others at bay. Avoid these diseases by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet comprised of a high vegetable and protein content. Regular exercise should be practiced to help the heart pump blood flow to different body organs.

Meditation, dance, and music

Life offers different circumstances to different people it is up to you to express that stress in a positive way. Some patients may need adequate therapy by a friendly therapist in a favorable environment which may include dance and music to help fade the depression away and cheer up instead of using chemical components in resolving a condition that is created by a mental block. Meditation, on the other hand, can aid a patient in recovering memory loss. This will also aid in focusing and control attention and stabilize patient’s mental status.


Different body conditions give different responses. Using biofeedback can help doctors treat conditions such as epilepsy, blood pressure, asthma, heart rate among others. Exposure to different conditions with consequent monitoring will aid in matching specific activities and practices to counter adverse effects and control the disorder. An asthmatic patient will be highly susceptible to an asthma attack if exposed to cold hence preventing cold contact prevents an attack.

The natural and non-invasive methods as mentioned above have been widely embraced worldwide and also been incorporated into the academic curriculum of different medical courses of aspiring practitioners in  institutions all over the world. Hence before using artificial medicine, try any of the above methods.


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