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A Patients POV: Chiropractic Really Made A Difference With The Neck Pain I Had

I woke up one morning with a really sore neck. I assumed I slept on it the wrong way and tried taking Tylenol to help with the pain. It helped at first and before I went to bed that night, I could feel the pain coming on again. I hoped I would wake up the next day without the pain, but that didn’t happen. It was really bothering me and I had tried rubbing it myself but the pain was still there. This went on for about a week and then a co-worker of mine heard me talking about the pain again. She told me she had a similar experience and the only way she finally got rid of it was by seeing a chiropractor. She told me which one she went to see, but said that was awhile ago and she wasn’t sure if they were even still around.

I searched online to see which chiropractors were in the Memphis area. I didn’t see the one she was talking about, but I did find several other ones. I wasn’t sure which one to make an appointment with and since my insurance didn’t cover it and I had to pay in cash, it really didn’t matter which one I made an appointment with. I decided to search a little more to see if I could find reviews about them online. I had only seen a few reviews so I asked on Facebook. I have asked there to find several different professionals, such as painters, plumbers, and contractors to hire. I thought it would also be a great way to find a chiropractor. Within a few minutes of making the post, I had a response from a friend recommending a chiropractor in the Memphis area. This was one I had seen a review for online and it was good too. I called this chiropractor to see what they charged and if they could get me an appointment the same day. They had an appointment open right after I got off of work so I made arrangements to go then. I did tell them I may be a few minutes late because of the time it would take me to get there. They were okay with me being late.

I arrived at my appointment and filled out my paperwork. I met with the chiropractor shortly after that. I told him what was going on it he could tell that something was out of place. He did a couple different things and had my neck feeling better before I left their office. I was really happy to be relieved of the pain I had. I am so glad I looked into hiring a chiropractor to help with my neck pain. They did an amazing job and I felt better than I had in awhile when I left from there. If I experience neck pain again, I will go back to the chiropractors at the Back and Neck Specialists again.

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