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New Patient Reviews

  • Thank you for helping me!

    -Dana S.
  • The way the information is relayed is accessible to anyone with any level of education. Very good communicators with a great bedside manner. I have every confidence that my pain will continue to lessen and go away through their prescribed path to healing. Thanks Back & Neck Specialists!

    -Tammy M.
  • My first impression was VERY good.

    -Caryon B.
  • I am really thankful how much time Dr. Cole explained my pain problems and how he will work to help me.

    -Eddie A.
  • I really enjoy the awesome staff and doctor. They address each client by name. They are very well organized and provide great customer care. Keep up the great work!

    -Porshia C.
  • First time ever seeing a chiropractor! Should’ve done this years ago!  Thanks Dr. Josh!

    -Glenda K.
  • Great atmosphere! I like it.

    -Ramesh P.
  • My first trip to a chiropractor, so I was a bit skeptical. But, after my first visit, I have faith that I will recover from my injury.

    -Monty J.
  • Dr. Josh was very professional and caring. I was afraid and he made me very comfortable, so I’m not afraid anymore! Thanks so much, Dr. Josh!

    -Pam C.
  • I felt so welcomed by everyone on staff. As hokey as it may sound, it was like meeting members of a family I didn’t know I had.

    -Erin H.
  • I don’t think that I have ever been explained what is going on with me better than Dr. Josh did.

    -Pam C.
  • Had a great visit! I feel confident that my issues can be fixed!

    -Chitora J.
  • He was great at finding a way to explain to me what was wrong by relating to what I do for a living.

    -Nicholas F.
  • Very friendly staff, and very informative about my condition and treatment options

    -Bart W.
  • Absolutely amazing experience with Doctor Josh.

    -Roman S.
  • Exceeded expectations! Great staff and excellent doctor.

    -Matt G.
  • I am powerfully encouraged by my first appointment. I am eager for my second today.

    -Walter S.
  • Everyone was so nice and welcoming! I feel like I made the right choice in choosing your office!

    -Lindsey J.
  • Dr. Josh is very kind and extremely knowledgeable on what your problem is and how to correctly make the pain go away. He will being seeing my wife & I well into our golden years, I pray.

    -Willie T.
  • Dr. Josh took the time to explain my spine issues and treatment plan in great detail.

    -Lana M.
  • Great first visit.

    -Samantha M.
  • Being relatively new to the area, it’s wonderful to feel confident that Dr. Josh is the only chiropractor my husband & I will ever need. Thank you for the relief!

    -Julie A.
  • Truly a wonderful practice, everyone was exceptionally kind and considerate. I am more hopeful about my health than I’ve been in years.

    -Kelly N.
  • Dr. Cole was extremely informative and my experience there was great. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back.

    -Tom O.
  • Had a great first time appointment with Dr. Cole!! He was very thorough and explained everything he was doing and what to expect!! Excited to continue treatments and hopeful he can help me!!

    -Ashley M.
  • Mrs Rose was great. Dr. Josh was very professional. 

    -Kevin P.
  • Very pleasant experience from the first call to the front desk, actual visit and seeing the doctor. Pleased I am.

    -John C.
  • It’s the most friendly office that I’ve ever been in. I think you all are Awesome…

    -Alma C.
  • Many thanks for seeing me on such short notice. I am feeling hopeful for the first time in months!

    -Susan C.
  • I was seen by another Chiropractor, prior to moving to Memphis, Dr. Josh, confirmed what I was told by the other doctor. I am confident he will be my new Chiropractor. Excellent location, 5 mins from my home… woohoo..

    -Kaye S.
  • Excellent in all aspects. Thoroughly impressed with knowledge and experience. He’s legit and trustworthy.

    -Lisa K.
  • Dr Cole was very helpful by informing me and discussing my issues. I felt totally comfortable.

    -Jay D.
  • Best experience I’ve ever had at a Chiropractor.

    -Robert K.
  • Drs. Larry and Josh Cole are GREAT!! I have always had wonderful healing results with whatever was causing pain! Many years of chiropractic care has allowed me to enjoy life!! I HIGHLY recommend this group!

    -Patty C.
  • I don’t go to doctors very often, and I’m uncomfortable sometimes. But, not today. I am very confident in your abilities, to help my problem. Thanks in advance for everything.

    -Matthew C.
  • Dr Josh was so kind and thorough. He explained everything to me with ease and in a way that could easily be understood.

    -Shana B.
  • You guy’s so far are great and i will and have recommended you to others. Thanks a lot.

    -Mario B.
  • I moved back to Memphis from Atlanta three years ago. I have been in search of good chiropractic care here in Memphis since my return. I have finally found it! Dr. Cole listened to my description of pain, assessed me and adjusted me. My lower back has not felt this good in three years!

    -Angela R.
  • Very caring and friendly 

    -Cynthia G.
  • The staff here are the best. Don’t waste your time with others. Just come here!!!

    -Stylie E.
  • Great experience, thanks for all your help!

    -Frankie C.
  • Dr. Josh is delightful and is by far one of the best practitioners I have seen in my life!

    -Tatiana J.

I Was Very Grateful

Dr. Josh is very thorough and listens to what you say. He asks questions that help pinpoint the problem and get a better overview of the solution. I’m so glad I decided to come back to this practice. Yes, his father treated me over 20 years ago and put me back together. I was very grateful to him and I’m back again with his son. Dr. Larry has taught Dr Josh very well. I’m on the road to recovery “again” and couldn’t be happier.

-Cheryl R.

I Got Great Value Out of What I Paid

The first visit was a very in-depth examination of what is wrong (30-40 min). Dr. Cole went into great detail explaining the x-ray results and how the body works as a whole. I left feeling much better, having an understanding of what is wrong, what to do at home to help (ice/heat and stretches), and that I got great value out of what I paid.

-Adam W.

Very Thorough Exam and Assessment Process

Dr. Cole was fantastic. He listened to my concerns and asked many questions. I feel like he actually cares about my healing and is happy to be a part of it. He has a very thorough exam and assessment process. Everything was explained very well and there were no false promises. Dr. Cole even said there may be some things that he can’t fix but can lead me down the right path with other practitioners. I look forward to working with Dr. Cole.

-Justin D.


The facility and staff are top-notch and a pleasure to deal with. I feel among friends. I would recommend Dr. Josh and his staff to anyone in need of such services. And the massage therapy has helped me as well. Thank you so much for improving my life and keep up the great work.

-Tobey S.

Exceeded Expectations

Dr Cole and his staff went far and beyond my expectations. I was in chronic pain the receptionist got me in ASAP. I didn’t have to wait. Dr Cole informed me of what issues were found in the x-rays. I felt better after my first visit. I was was very nervous not having seen a chiropractor ever. I would highly recommend this practice!

-Cris O.

Getting on Track!

I was so excited about getting to have this appointment today. After so many years of putting up with many annoying health issues and getting no where with the medical doctors, getting this exam has reassured me that I can feel better! I don’t believe in taking a pill for aches and pains. I believe as Josh Cole explained to me today, how all our systems work together to keep us healthy!!I Thank the Lord for making our bodies as He has made them! We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made!! Thank you Lord for working through Josh to help me to get on track!

-Elaine W.

Pain Relieved

My wife found this place, I have been suffering for years now my suffering of pain is almost over, my first day going I learned a lot in a couple of hours than I have from others doctors in years.

-Reginald M.

Beyond Expectations

Jessie went beyond what I expected to help me at the front desk. Dr. Josh Cole had an excellent bedside manner, was extremely knowledgeable, and helped with my diagnosis and pain treatment.

-Allison K.

Truly Amazed

I use to be very skeptical of chiropractors. I recently went to one due to a car accident and was truly amazed at the service I received. Dr. Josh Cole has changed my thoughts about chiropractors. He does amazing work. So thankful for treatments and encouragement that I have experienced at the Neck and Back Specialist. Recommended highly.

-Janice A.

Dr. Cole Was Very Informative

I would like to thank Dr.Cole and staff for getting me in last minute. They were extremely nice and professional from the time I walked in to leaving. Dr. Cole was very informative. I am excited about feeling better! Thanks again!

-Angie T.

Great Experience

You guys are great. You take time to explain everything to me during each visit. I’ve never had that before. It is so easy these days for doctors to treat you like your just a number on their list of people to see. But you don’t do this and it is noticeable! Believe me! When I get adjusted…you tell me why I need it, the pros and cons and what effects it has on me. I love feeling included. My first time coming in…I was explaining to the receptionist all that I was going through and didn’t at all feel optimistic that I could even be helped. Unbeknownst to me, Dr. Josh Cole was near by listening. When I was done.. He walked over…shook my hand and with a warm smile stated that I don’t need to worry. He could help me with my head tremor and things would turn out alright for me. That optimism and confidence coming from him…was like a bright ray of sunshine! Naturally I found where I needed to go! Thanks again Dr.(s) Cole. You are appreciated more than you know!

-Maria S.


Cole Chiropractic is amazing! Dr. Josh was so thorough and explained things I had never known before. They are truly experts in back and neck care. I felt so much better and had less pain after the very first visit! I just can’t say enough good about Dr. Josh and his practice. I only wish I would have gone to them years ago!

-Kristin S.

Tremendously Helpful

I am glad that I followed the recommendation to see Dr. Josh. He has been tremendously helpful. This has been my first experience with chiropractic treatment so I was uncertain of what to expect. Everyone has been most helpful and the the atmosphere is relaxed. I will certainly recommend Cole Chiropractic to others.

-Elise S.


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